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FNEZ - Fundacja na rzecz Energetyki Zrównoważonej

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The Memorandum of the Polish Offshore Energy Sector (in Polish: Porozumienie Polskiego Przemysłu Energetyki Morskiej - PPPEM) involves entities that see the development of offshore energy investments, especially offshore wind energy, as an opportunity for creating an innovative, competitive and powerful Polish industry. The PPPEM was established in 2016.


Polish maritime industry has a potential to ensure the supply of components for offshore wind farms and power grids, but also delivery, assembly, construction, service and maintenance throughout the entire preparation and operation phase of offshore wind farms or gas pipelines. What’s more, implementation of offshore energy projects entails an increase in demand for steel, concrete and copper, and this also contributes to the growth of the Polish metallurgical and cement industry, and consequently increases the demand for coal.


The aim of the PPPEM is to cooperate and support the governmental and regional authorities in the area of:

  • development of innovative products and services of the Polish offshore industry,
  • increasing the competitiveness of Polish companies on the domestic and European market,
  • development of offshore energy in Poland, based on supply of components and services from national industry,
  • engaging Polish supply chain in the development and maintenance of energy investments in Polish maritime areas,
  • creating a complete local supply chain for the implementation of the first offshore wind farm projects in Poland,
  • development of the national research and education sector in the area of energy and maritime industry.

If you are interested in joining the Memorandum of the Polish Offshore Energy Sector, please contact us!


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