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FNEZ - Fundacja na rzecz Energetyki Zrównoważonej

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Meeting within the R.EN.CO.P. Working Group activities | the RES Council, the Polish Confederation Lewiatan

On 18th of December 2019, representatives of FNEZ, as a part of the R.EN.CO.P. Working Group activities, took part in a meeting of the RES Council functioning within the Polish Confederation Lewiatan. Its objective is to develop and promote recommendations for legislative and structural changes enabling the development of renewable energy sources in Poland. In its statements, the Council is guided by the overriding interest, i.e. the development of the energy market in Poland in an effective and sustainable manner in the interest of both energy producers and consumers.

About RENCOP and a role of social dialogue - FNEZ's presentation during conference in Małopolska

FNEZ as an expert participated in the scientific conference about modern energy solutions in rural areas in Wierzchosławice (October 18, 2018). The lecture was dedicated to a role of a social dialogue in the light of the development of local energy projects and the Co2mmunity project, which aims to foster development of community energy projects. During the conference participants learnt about about principles of effective social dialogue, good communication practices and the objectives of the RENCOP partnership. The participants were invited to actively join and work together for the development of civic energy in Poland.

Housing community Pszczelna in Szczecin - as a good example of community project in Poland

As part of the Co2mmunity project, co-financed by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region program, we identify good examples of community energy projects in the Baltic Sea region. We are proud to present next results of interviews and meetings: Housing Community Pszczelna in Szczecin, Poland Sprakebüll, Germany

Let's meet at BEIF 2019!

The largest offshore energy industry conference in the region - BEIF 2019 - 22-23 May in Warsaw!  

See case studies of community energy projects from the Baltic Sea region

First descriptions of experiences, conclusions and good practices from community energy projects are already available - see how the market works and see projects from Finland, Estonia and Lithuania!

FNEZ on behalf of Baltic InteGrid consortium submitted Recommendations to the ENTSO-E’ Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018

The Recommendations were submitted within the consultation stage of the ENTSO-E’ Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018 and are based on the findings from the Baltic InteGrid project.   The full Recommendations can be found HERE.    The document condenses in one place the full knowledge and analytical results developed within the project and in particular: The report “Towards a Baltic Offshore Grid: connecting electricity markets through offshore wind farms” - PreFeasibility Studies report for Polish-Swedish-Lithuanian and German-Swedish-Danish interconnectors integrated with offshore wind farms, Findings from the conference "Offshore Grid and Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea – Opportunity for Integrating Energy Markets" which was held in Warsaw on the 7th of June 2018.    
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