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FNEZ - Fundacja na rzecz Energetyki Zrównoważonej

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Foundation for Sustainable Energy is a non-governmental organization, an independent think-tank, which promotes and acts in order to implement sustainable growth in energy sector. Foundation is specialized in creating and promoting high standards in investment project development, and especially in conducting social dialogue and environmental impact assessments.


  • Long-term cooperation with the government, parliament, administration and other institutions and organizations
    We are a partner of the government and the parliament in creating the system environment of energy sector in Poland. We are focused on onshore and offshore wind energy and analysis of environmental impacts of shale gas exploration and extraction.


  • Knowledge
    We have issued experts' reports and analysis, we have elaborated strategies and action plans, we have published position statements concerning renewable energy sector, and especially offshore wind energy.


  • Education and promotion
    We have organized seminars, conferences and workshops addressed to the representatives of RES sector and administration.
    We have prepared information materials, before and after the conferences.
    We are hosting websites, which promote the knowledge about offshore and onshore wind energy and shale gas.


  • Guides and guidelines
    „Guide to the location determination and environmental impact forecasting procedures for offshore wind farms in Polish maritime areas" completed in order to promote the knowledge about procedures of issuance of location and environment decision among administration and sector representatives.


Download the reports of the activities of FNEZ

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