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Market news

Offshore wind capacity reached 18,5 GW in 2018

WindEurope has published a summary report for 2018 about offshore wind sector in Europe. It is available on the WindEurope website.

New targets on renewables and energy efficiency

The European Parliament has adopted new ambitious targets on renewables and energy efficiency to 2030. New goals are: 32.5% increase in energy efficiency by 2030 renewables must make up 32% of energy consumed by 2030 push for second-generation biofuels 

OWF Wikinger's already started working!

This is the biggest offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. It is located near the island of Rügen.

OWF Beatrice generated first electricity

The offshore wind farm (IMF) Beatrice Offshore, built off the coast of Scotland, has started producing electricity after successful installation of the first 7 MW wind turbines. The 588MW project will comprise 84 wind turbines and will be capable of powering some 450,000 households, once operational in 2019.

Industrial Development Agency bought Gdańsk Shipyard and GSG Towers

The Industrial Development Agency (ARP) finalised deal and bought 81,05% shares of Gdańsk Shipyard and 50% of the GSG Towers - the businesses controlled by Ukrainian investor. 

Kriegers Flak Cables Now In Place

Offshore cables of the Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution are finalised. The cable contects the Danish and German transmission grids in combination with the infrastructure of offshore wind farm grid connection in the Baltic Sea.
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